AST is an Italian company which has worked in the medical field for years. Highly qualified technicians are part of the leading team and they are experienced in the design and production of medical technology in the diagnostic field. The starting point is an idea which leads first to the design of original hardware and software and then to its production and sale on international markets.

AST can realize instruments testing human and animal serum with ELISA and Clia in Beads technologies.

AST and its department ASTBioMedical is a company which is free from external shareholdings. This leads to an increase of the company value and makes it very competitive and free on the market.

AST has three owners who are all active inside the company and have gained a deep experience both in the research and development fields, above all in the design of measurement instruments. They have specific competences but if necessary they are interchangeable in roles and have very competent collaborators. The whole determines a good corporate solidity.

The present employees are the company technical basis which can be enlarged in the future. They are all selected professionals who have cooperated with us to carry out our designs and productions for years.

Working in the medical field makes us very keen on exports.

We never employ external professionals in key or strategic sectors as inside our company we have all the necessary competences to design and produce medical instruments. We don’t use HW&SW standard packages as they may cause rigidity or failure in the research of specific planning solutions.

On the other hand non-strategical activities are completely carried out outside the company (mechanical components, electric panels, manufacturing of printed circuit boards, wirings, etc.). This grants that our and our Customers’ projects know-how is kept confidential and besides it allows more flexibility and low costs in the company together with great efficiency and constant growth.

Up to now AST has designed medical and industrial equipment and control instruments. It has been part of important projects, such as the conditioning and supervision of the sensors placed on the protective shield of Chernobyl nuclear power plant, on Pisa’s Tower , on Itaipu dam in Brazil.

At present AST has decided to specialize in the medical field, making the most of all its past experience. We have projects in Europe, Canada, China, Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, Russia, Turkey and other countries too.

Over the past years AST has made further steps ahead planning a new set of instruments in ELISA. This platform keeps evolving towards a version combining different technologies in one instrument: reader in colorimetric, reader in Clia, all on microplate platform. We are cooperating and exchanging technologies with a company producing diagnostic kits in order to realize an instrument with Clia in Beads technology.

AST is now working to the design of an instrument for a new technology in the field of coagulation: one part is owned by our company. This instrument it isn’t on the market yet. This platform is be developed in cooperation with centres of excellence famous all over Europe: CRO (Oncology Reference Centre) and the research facility of others Hospital.

Our company is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified. It has obtained the qualification of United Nations supplier and all related agencies.

It is registered in the European Transparency Register.

It has obtained two certificates of excellence from the European Community for innovative projects. Ha ottenuto due certificati di eccellenza dalla Comunità Europea per progetti innovativi.

The technical assistance which efficiently works in A.S.T. Biomedical guarantees, on all the sold equipments, the following services:
•    Inspections for projects’ evaluation.
•    Equipments’ installation.
•    Set in motion of instruments and tools.
•    Staff training.
•    Ratings or checks of existing plants.
•    Periodic maintenance.
•    Repairing service for malfunctioning units.


Possible future cooperation in a time span of 4 years

Supply and arrangements for the production of IVD instruments with Clia in Beads new technology

Yours faithfully,

CEO A.S.T. Srl

Mauro Barcella