A.S.T. LTD (Analisi Soluzioni Tecniche – Technical Solutions Analysis) operates in the field of robotics since 1996. It is arranged of a team of engineers and staff with high skills in electronics and automation in many fields, including medical and diagnostic ones. The members, over twenty years of experience, together with the entire team, contributed to the achievement of prestigious projects and innovative patents, such as the control of the static nature of the Chernobyl sarcophagus and the monitoring of the tilt of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in collaboration with the Research Center, former Enel, now CESI.

In 2010, A.S.T. LTD decided to create a division aimed at a specific sector: A.S.T.  Biomedical (Advanced Scientific Technologies).

The mission of A.S.T. Biomedical is to pursue the industrial research excellences of A.S.T.  Ltd., pointing to develop new technologies and innovative solutions for doctors, academic researchers and clinical specialists. In recent years, A.S.T. Biomedical has specialized itself in diagnostic medical equipments, developing new instruments and related software for the laboratory analysis and strengthening the sales network in Italy and Abroad, also establishing itself in the market of China and Asia.

Future challenges and market demands constantly urge the company to be proactive through joint ventures or in synergy with individual customers.

A.S.T. Biomedical is a company that designs, manufactures and sales instruments in diagnosis and biomedical. We are specialized in tailor-made solutions in robotic-diagnostic equipment for hospitals, private clinics, research centers and laboratories for analysis. “

Mauro Barcella, A.D.

The company has a selection of instruments and reagents for the diagnostic field such as:
•    Fully-automated micro-dispending systems for liquids in test tubes and microplates.
•    Instrumentation built with our own technology for diagnosis in absorbance and chemiluminescence.
•    Production of laser at different frequencies for medical use, metal marking, or for production processes.
•    Programs on PCs and tablets for our instruments and for the automation of the production processes.

We can provide a complete service for:
•    Achievements of project specific solutions.
•    Production of hand-list instruments.
•    Sales of licensed equipments.
•    Sales of reagents.
•    Specialized technical assistance before and after sales.

The technical assistance which efficiently works in A.S.T. Biomedical guarantees, on all the sold equipments, the following services:
•    Inspections for projects’ evaluation.
•    Equipments’ installation.
•    Set in motion of instruments and tools.
•    Staff training.
•    Ratings or checks of existing plants.
•    Periodic maintenance.
•    Repairing service for malfunctioning units.


A.S.T. Biomedical provides financial assistance in order to make possible and satisfy every customer’s need.
We will provide an accurate service to your needs.